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1 a supporter who accepts something as true [syn: truster]
2 a person who has religious faith [syn: worshiper, worshipper]

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  1. A person who believes; especially regarding religion.


person who believes

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Believe, or related terms, may refer to:
  • Belief, a conviction or certainty, often regarding God or a supreme being

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Christian, God-fearing man, accepter, catechumen, churchgoer, churchite, churchman, communicant, convert, cultist, daily communicant, devotee, devotionalist, disciple, fanatic, fideist, follower, good Christian, ist, neophyte, pietist, proselyte, receiver, religioner, religionist, religious believer, saint, the assured, the believing, the faithful, theist, true believer, truster, votary, zealot
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